Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Smashers Pool Center

It is our belief at Smashers that no one should play pool, drink or enjoy alone and with this philosophy in mind, we have built Smashers as the ultimate entertainment destination.

We are now open for business. We have 5 new Italian tables clothed with genuine 6811 cloth, with all cues & accessories available for serious players' enjoyment! On behalf of the management we hope you enjoy, feedback would be appreciated.

Table Rates are per hour:                                                
Snooker - Rs. 150  
Pool      -  Rs. 100  

 Delectable Refreshments:
 Veg. and Non-veg refreshments available at reasonable prices

Tuesday, 30 April 2013


You can find us at :
B 377 second floor Meera Bagh,Adjacent to Ment-e-Soul gym,Paschim Vihar, New Delhi.

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Snooker vs Pool vs Billiards

All three are different kinds of cue games: Billiards, Pool, and snooker.

Billiard tables have larger pockets and use slightly larger balls than snooker. Other than that the tables are very similar in size and design. The smaller snooker balls are red, and yellow with white cue balls. They are not numbered like billiard balls and the game is entirely different than say 8 or 9 ball played in the USA. 

In snooker you keep score and after all the balls are potted it is the one with the highest score that wins. 147 is the maximum score but theoretically 155 is possible. With billiards an infinite score is theoretically possible. In pool it is he who pots all his balls and the black first that wins.